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Developers Team

The CryptoDraw team is led by innovators in software development, marketing, entrepreneurship and blockchain engineers.

  • Simon Szczepankowski

    CEO, Product Manager & Co-Founder

  • Anant Singh

    Support CRD team. Strategic Partnerships Manager

  • Chen Si Yuan

    Head of Community Engagement

  • Raphael Sztwiorok

    Support CRD team.CTO, Project Manager & Co-Founder

  • Thomas Korwin-Gajkowski

    Blockchain Solution Architect

  • Martin Kudla

    Software Architect & Co-Founder

  • Michael Hankus

    Senior Software Engineer & Co-Founder

  • Thomas Prus

    Support.Senior Software Engineer

  • Alexander Kus

    Chief Growth Officer

  • Paul Olek

    Head of UX/UI & Co-Founder

  • Lucas Czulak

    Support.Data Analyst

  • Paul Kapala

    Senior Full Stack Web Developer

  • Darek Sztwiorok

    Java Developer

  • Chris Stryczek

    Support.Head of Test Engineering

  • Michael Bigos

    Test Engineer and Technical Support Specialist

  • Octavia Nowakowska

    Head of Customer Support