Because of the large number of users minimum transaction to receive a CashBack - 0.1 BTC

Affiliate program Cashback

Attract friends to CryptoDraw Cashback and get % of their cashback. Send him a special link to the site and earn coins.

Give us feedback in social media with hashtag #cryptodrawcashback and take 70$ in your balance

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How long is the referral assigned to me?

The user brings you income forever. While our service will work, your referral will remain with you.

How to attract users to the site?

The user who will click on your link will become your referral and begin to generate revenue.
The best option is to tell your friends on social networks.

What is the benefit for me of attracting people?

According to our affiliate program, from each attracted user you will receive 1% of their cashback. More referrals, more your income!

When will I receive my income?

Once the user, using our service will receive your cashback, you instantly receive revenue.

Where will I get my income?

You will receive your income on your wallet. You can specify it in the line above